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BIE Leaders Award

Universe Machine Corporation has been trusted since 1965 to manufacture, modify and repair metal products for the energy and heavy industries. The Edmonton founded company provides a wide range of specialized products and services, and is known as a reliable manufacturer, an innovator and a wonderful place to work. “I worked part time in the family business starting when I was 14, and loved the mechanical aspect of using machines and manufacturing things. My job for about six years was to keep the shop clean. I learned responsibility early on, and this work experience pushed me to further my education in engineering and management, which paved the way for advancement into the office and future opportunities.”

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Torquing Pipe - New Universe Bucking Unit

2019 09 13 Torquing Pipe New Universe Bucking Unit

Universe Machine's 50th Anniversary

Universe Machine is happy to celebrate it's 50th anniversary in 2015.

Originally Universe Machine & Welding Co. Ltd. was started back in 1965 in a 2,000 sq. ft. facility.

Over time the company grew, and as of 2011 has expanded to a 107,000 sq. ft. facility.

For more details please check out our History page.

7.63 Compact Casing Tong with Backup

2019 09 13 7.63 Compact Casing Tong with Backup

Kurt Sr., congratulations on your induction to the JA Alberta Business Hall of Fame!

Kurt Sr. Congrats on JA Business Alberta Induction Hall of Fame

New Community Page

We have added a Community page to our website underneath the About Us menu.

Check out our support of the 2012 Edmonton Indy.